Great things are starting

Today I’m looking forward to, creating a deeper connection with other people, finding ease and well being, it is my dominant intent that no matter who I am with no matter what I am doing that I feel good.

Today I’m eager to find the possibilities, I am looking for evidence of my vortex.
I’ve been meditating for 15 mins everyday for a few months, I find that it’s the best time, once I wake up find a few things to appreciate and grab my son, we chill/cuddle, on the couch and listen to an abraham meditation every morning, needless to say I love mornings, such a great way to start the day, I love getting ahead of any negative thoughts.

I do renovations and concrete flat work, it’s very action oriented takes up a lot of time, and is hard on the body, the great thing is that I love the work, I love getting my sweat on, at 38 I’m now looking at ways to generate multiple streams of income, so I don’t have to include the general fear of others since I love action sports, I’m give no thought to my body breaking down but the people I work with always pose the question “what if you break a leg” that could happen at work, it could happen in the mountains, why worry about something you can’t control. Why let fear hold you back from something that puts me in the vortex, something I love?

My ideas are to invest, in dividend stocks, let companies pay themselves, 9000$ in Rogers comm, covers 200$ a month in dividends, slowly building up my portfolio, dividends are taxed at 10% way better then 30% income tax, just my thought.
Write ebooks, I have a lot of information, I figure things out quickly and love helping others have a better life. Make money online.

I have many more ideas, those are a couple I am really focusing on right now, I’ll dive into more detail in the coming weeks, I’m using this blog as a kind of journal (I have to go pick up a new paper one) one in which I can bounce ideas off other people, where others may see things or know things I don’t and chime in/give feedback.

A life worth living is a life worth writing down.

8 thoughts on “Great things are starting

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