Love my phone, love the apps that bring more ease to my life.

Commit: for daily recurring goals, everyday it remind me to look for the positive aspects, and there is a yes, or as I like to say “Damn right I am” it asks me in the middle of the day if I turned my thinking on ideas of plenty “Damn right I did” did I meditate, “Damn right I did” workout “Damn right I did” I have a very physical job, that’s an easy one, did you WordPress today “Damn right I did” did you study today, “Damn right I did” I try to learn something new and explore expand everyday, did you workshop today, “Damn right I did”, workshop is looking for things throughout the day that you want to experience in your life and spending 15 mins focusing on those things and how they fit in your life and why you want them to fit in your life(visualization)

Prosperity game, give me a check every day, day 1 is 1000$ day 2 is 2000$ and on it goes, I love accepting those checks

Voice notes, I talk it writes it down, I use it to quickly get down ideas, but will eventually replace my two finger typing with it for this blog.

I love iBooks and newsstand, and kobo, and Ted, great ideas, and when I am listening to an audiobook I can search other suggested resources quickly.

And there’s the usual Facebook, google+, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn that allow me to stay connected with people, my family is in Onterrible,meet new people.

Inspired living app that sends me inspirational videos is just fantastic.

And I have a few games for the fun of it.

I have the WordPress app, makes posting to the blog really easy.

As always I am eager for suggestions, post a comment on an app and why you love it.

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