Your weekend reading: The wrong kind of Caucasian, the graduate school question, and how the Internet ruined everything

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In “The wrong kind of Caucasian,” Sarah Kendzior critiques the media for its tendency to demonize an entire country based on the violent acts of a few individuals. [Al Jazeera]

“The Internet: A Warning from History,” or how the Internet ruined everything. Just watch it. [The Poke]

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Just what are the kids typing and texting these days? How the oblique stroke / became the written word “slash.” [Lingua Franca] To find out more about the new grammar of texting, watch John McWhorter’s talk, “Txtng is killing language. JK!!!” »

Ah, the glory of academia, the life of reading and luxury. Or, the horrors of a life of anxiety and uncertainty? A great read about the impossible question of graduate school. [New Yorker Blog]

Scripps Research Institute scientists…

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